Meet Debi Colling

From a very young age Debi Colling found herself in the role of nurturing others. After spending some time in various employment ventures, Debi spent 15-years employed as a medical transcriptionist which allowed her to work from home and be a part of her children's everyday life. As a mother of three, her need to help others became her passion. This sparked her desire to begin a new adventure in helping others and she enrolled in therapeutic massage school. Although she found herself to be one of the older students in the program, she found herself excelling and was awarded the Outstanding Program Student achievement.

Being average is not in Debi's DNA, exactly what you want in a massage therapist. Debi thrives to provide her clients with the healing power of therapeutic massage and bodywork allowing them to reap the benefits of stress relief, pain relief, improved health, and enhanced well-being. Debi's mission is to provide a safe and relaxing haven for those seeking to take away the stress and tension of everyday life.

Her focus of treatments will be based on each individual and their specific needs. If a client needs massage and chiropractic care, she works closely with Dr. Amy and together they formulate the proper diagnosis and specific treatment plan for each individual.

Everyone deserves to feel their best and feeling good physically affects every aspect of one's life.

Massage Therapy Pricing:

   Deep Tissue / Neuromuscular

½ hour
1 hour
1½ hours

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